Frequently Asked Questions

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In case of accident the first most important thing is to make sure nobody is hurt or injured. In such case you are to notify emergency on freephone 112.

If nobody is injured, the client must notify the traffic wardens on telephone number (356) 2132 0202 and then report the accident to our office on (356) 2123 9421.

Our staff will then direct the client to see if there is need to report the accident to the police or if the accident can be resolved by simply filling in a bumper to bumper form found in the car. The client will also be required to visit our head office to fill in necessary formalities, file a claim and/or a police report depending on the case.

The car should not be moved from its location unless a bumper to bumper form or a warden’s report has been completed. Details of any witnesses and third parties must also be collected.

If the accident happens at night and our office is closed, the client must notify the traffic wardens and then contact our office the next morning.

If the car is not driveable or unsafe, clients are to call the 24hr road assistance number to have the car towed away and then contact our office at the first possible instance to organise all required formalities and possibly a replacement car.

During rental, the car is the responsibility of the client and damage occurring during this time will be the responsibility of the client unless the responsibility can be attributed to a third party. 

Once in your care, the car is like your own property. If you have your car parked in the street and you find it damaged one morning you are still required to pay for the repairs or get your insurance to cover such expense.

During rental, the car is the responsibility of the client so if someone breaks into it or steals it during the rental will be the responsibility of the client unless the responsibility can be attributed to a third party. 

If you find the car damaged or stolen, you must notify the police and our office right away. You will need to file a police report and insurance claim so that the insurance will pay for the damage and/or vehicle replacement cost. 

Any valuables left in the vehicle is not covered by Insurance and therefore clients will not have the possibility to claim any stolen items when filing the claim.

If you have the Gold Package insurance, there would be no excess to pay in case of any damage as long as all the necessary conditions and requirements are followed (filing reports, notifying wardens, notifying the office and the traffic wardens, filing a claim, obtaining details of third parties, witnesses etc...). In such case the company will take responsibility for all the repair costs. 

The only thing payable by the client would be the claim administration fee which our company charges for the administrative work and costs involved with filing an insurance claim. This includes loss of use of the vehicle during repairs, booking surveyor, taking the car to the workshop, administration work, liaison with third parties, police, insurance etc...

The excess insurance bought online is a reimbursement scheme and is good to obtain a refund of any excess charges paid locally. This means that in case of an accident you are still required to pay the applicable damage or excess charge which you can then claim back from the insurance or broker that you have booked the excess reimbursement with.

That is a private agreement between the client and the company you bought the insurance from. Our company recognises the client as responsible for the car and cannot be involved to contact or deal with the insurance from whom the excess reimbursement scheme was bought.

If you check the conditions of that insurance, you will find that in case of accident or damage you are still responsible to pay the applicable excess amount. The client must then keep copies of all the required documents and claim back the charge from the insurance.

Clients who bought an excess reimbursement from a third-party insurance will still be required to leave a security pre-authorisation unless they purchase the Gold or Complete Cover (platinum Package) option from our company.

In case of an accident whereby the client is clearly not at fault and the other party involved in the accident accepts the blame in writing, the client must not pay anything. However, in the case of dispute, doubt or any other reason whereby no third party accepts responsibility for the accident, the renter will be held responsible until such fault is attributed or accepted by a third party.

During the course of the rental, the car is always the responsibility of the client so unless a third party accepts fault, the renter will be responsible to pay for any damage or the applicable excess.

The wheels, glass and tyres are not covered by the standard insurance since these can easily be damaged during rental and with wear and tear. Mirrors are very often damaged whilst a car is parked or when attempting to drive narrow streets whilst tyres can easily be damaged with pavements, holes etc...

Clients can purchase the optional WGT insurance which covers all wheels, tyres and glass including windows, side mirrors etc...

It is correct that with these insurance packages you are not responsible to pay the excess in case of accident or damage, however a number of exclusions apply. For example, the car key, car radio, wheels, tyres and mirrors are not covered by the FDW insurance.

On a different note if the terms and conditions of the policy are not followed, or if the damage is not appropriately reported, the insurance may decline or void cover.

In addition, the imprint may be required for rental extensions, late returns, parking tickets, speeding fines etc...

The maximum amount blocked in such instances is of €150.

If a scratch is very light and hardly visible or of no material substance the company will not impose any charge. Material scratches or small damages which deteriorate the appearance of the vehicle would need to be repaired and the renter would be responsible to pay for such repair. The company will not charge the excess amount if the damage cost is lower than the excess applicable.

It then depends on the type of insurance purchased at time of rental. If the client bought the Gold or Platinum package and appropriately followed the required conditions (reported the damage to our office, police, filed a claim etc...) then the client would have no charge to pay.

If you need to extend your rental kindly notify our office at least one day before so we can check availability and confirm your extension. This will ensure that we do not send our staff to collect the vehicle if you are not ready from it.

If we are notified in advance, a one-hour extension will be given free of charge.

If we are notified in advance, an extension of up to 4 hours (subject to availability) will be charged a half day rate (insurances and extras will be charged a full day).

If we are not notified in advance, we will allow a one hour of grace after which a full day’s rental charge will be applied. This may be charged at a different rate then what was paid for the original rental duration. In addition, if the vehicle was due for collection and not returned at one of our main locations, an additional collection fee of up to 50 euro may apply.

Clients are responsible for a vehicle until it is collected by our staff and/or returned to our garage. All cars are checked for new damages at the first possible instance once they are returned to the garage, washed and checked in proper lighting. Cars cannot be checked after office hours.

If a client prefers to have our staff check the vehicle properly in his presence, he has the option to return the car earlier in the day or the next morning (against payment if applicable). In such case the client will be required to bring the car to our nearest station since cars cannot be fully inspected unless cleaned and in proper lighting.

Whenever you return a car, we always recommend that you take photos of the vehicle’s exterior as

If a client wishes to have the car inspected on return, he would be required to bring it to our nearest rental station (Luqa) during office hours and not later than the agreed time. The car would then be washed and properly inspected to close the rental. 

Cars cannot be inspected anywhere outside one of our locations since pre-existing damages must be compared to our existing reports for the vehicle and the car must be washed and clean for a proper inspection. In addition, due to logistical reasons we may be unable to commit to sending a representative to check a vehicle at specific times at different locations.

If the client wishes to bring the car to our station for inspection, he must inform our office beforehand so that we do not send our staff to collect the vehicle.

Rentals are charged on a 24 hours basis. Every rental day is given a maximum of 24 hours, so every hour exceeding 24hours will be counted as an extra day. If you collect the car today at 10am you can return it by no later than 10am the next day. 

One of hour grace will be allowed per rental, after which a full’ day’s rental rate will be charged. The one hour of grace cannot be included in the booking, it is only allowed for unforeseen delays.

Once the rental started at 9pm on the 13th of June the rental exceeds 6 days at 10pm on the 19th of June. Therefore, if the client returns the car anytime between 10pm on the 19th and 9pm on the 20th it will be calculated as 7 days.

If you calculate in hours the example would work out at 152 hours. That would be 6.33 days and is therefore calculated as 7 days.

In case of a simple matter such as the car not starting or a flat tyre, you can call our 24-hour road assistance company and they will send someone to resolve the issue within an hour. If the matter is of a serious nature, please contact our office to see if we can arrange for a replacement car.

First Car Rental offers a delivery service FREE of charge when booking directly. On the other hand, if you book online or through a broker there will be a fee of €15 to deliver the vehicle to any part of the island. Deliveries for Gozo would incur a charge of €90. One can also find a number small local car rental companies in these locations. Always make sure to rent a vehicle from a company that operates a 24 hour assistance just in case something happens to the car at night.

To start off make sure that the company has the vehicle suitable for your needs. Make sure that the vehicle has enough luggage space and that you will be comfortable driving around. The other thing to look for is the fuel policy. At First Car Rental we have a full to full fuel policy but one can find companies that charge for fuel. Apart from this, make sure that you are getting a good package deal with no hidden charges. We try to be as transparent as possible and the only additional fees are for any extra that the client may wish to purchase at time of rental.

The rates advertised on our site and on websites of our resellers are special offer rates which are only available for bookings done in advance through that channel (broker or website).

Online rates have different conditions to the direct rate we can offer. Our direct rate has a lower excess responsibility, airport surcharge and taxes are included, and we can guarantee the car type we have available here at the airport.  

Rates advertised online usually have a higher excess and some extras are not included in the rate. Online rates are dynamic and constantly changing depending on demand and vehicle utilisation. You might go online now and find that there are no cars available or that the price has increased.

For last minute requests we are unable to offer those special offer rates since the system will not allow us to rent cars with those conditions if they are not booked online and in advance. However, we can offer you a much better overall product and the price is only marginally higher.

Our company has a fixed volume of bookings committed with brokers. Brokers purchase a considerable number of rental days annually in advance and then set their own selling price depending on market conditions. We have no control over what price they sell and sometimes they sell cheaper than us directly.

However, the rental conditions offered by brokers may be different than the conditions we include in our direct rates.

In case of a flat or damaged tyre, the client is to contact the 24hr road assistance service and they will send someone within the hour to help replace the defective wheel with the spare.

The client will then be responsible to take the wheel to the nearest tyre repair shop or fuel station to have the tyre fixed or replaced at the first possible instance. Any repair and replacement costs will be at the client’s expense. If the client purchased the WGT insurance or the platinum package, they will be entitled to a full refund of tyre repair costs on presentation of proper receipts.

If a car is returned with a damaged, punctured or flat wheel, all repair costs will be charged to the client unless the WGT insurance was purchased in advance.

If a client gets a second flat tyre and he has still not repaired his spare wheel, the road assistance will tow the vehicle to the nearest tyre repair shop to have both tyres fixed on the spot. If this happens after hours, the client will have to leave the vehicle parked in a safe location and have both tyres fixed at the first possible instance during the next working day. 

The company will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by a second flat tyre if the client failed to observe his obligation of repairing the first tyre at the first possible instance. In addition, the company cannot be expected to replace a vehicle because of a flat or punctured tyre.

In order to be able to hire a vehicle, you only need a valid driving license and a credit card or debit card. In the event that the driving license you have is in a foreign language and does not have an English translation, you would be required to provide a translation in English.

There are several ways of how to hire a car in Malta. One can either book the car in advance through one of the brokers available online or through the company website itself. Alternatively, one can book the car on arrival at the Malta International Airport or through a hotel concierge. Normally, bookings that are direct or through a hotel may be slightly higher from those found online but the insurance packages are generally more advantageous.

Rental Cars are insured for drivers over 21 years or age and drivers would need to have the driving license for a minimum of 2 years. If you’re still between 18 and 20 years or age and manage to rent a car while in Malta make sure that the insurance policy covers you as you may end up in a lot of trouble in case you are involved in an accident. On the other hand, mature drivers over the age of 70 will be required to present a medical certificate that they are fit to drive. In both cases (Young Drivers and Mature Drivers), companies charge a daily premium to cover the higher risk.

If the key is lost during rental the client is to contact our office and a spare key will be delivered at the first possible instance. A delivery charge will apply. Alternatively, the client can make his own way to our main office to collect a spare key. Our company can arrange for a cab service at a discounted rate. Delivery and supply of spare keys may not be possible after office hours in which case the client would have to wait and/or make alternative arrangements until the following day.

If the key is not recovered, the client will be held responsible for the full replacement cost, including possible loss of use of the vehicle until an extra spare key is made available.

The car model advertised on our website/brochure is a representative example to illustrate the type of car most likely to be delivered in category booked. 
It is not possible to advertise all the car models available in each category since our fleet includes four or five car models in each group. That is why we always write or similar in our car model example. Reservations are then processed by car group since we cannot allocate cars by model.
Still the company always guarantee the features and specifications of the car type booked such as air-condition, transmission type and approximate body size.

For the convenience of our clients, we supply cars with a full tank of fuel. Clients would need to return the vehicles with a full tank. Clients returning the vehicle with missing fuel will have to pay for the missing fuel as well as a refueling fee.

We keep a list of all the car types available in our fleet and their respective fuel tank capacities. We then simply multiply the amount of fuel supplied (eg. ½ tank) by the applicable rate per litre as advertised.

Yes. Our company offers optional additional levels of insurance cover to give added protection to the client. One option (Silver Package) is available to reduce the excess amount (e.g. Reduce the responsibility from €1200 to €350). The Gold & Platinum Packages removes the entire excess responsibility.

Comprehensive insurance is included in the rental price. This insurance covers the car against any damages resulting from collision, accident, theft, attempted theft, fire and vandalism. However, the first portion of repairs/damage costs of any claim is the responsibility of the renter and this is payable by the renter to the insurance company when we file a claim. The renter’s responsibility is therefore limited up to the excess amount. Any damages and repair costs over and above the excess amount will be covered and paid by the insurance.

In such case you would need to call the road assistance number to tow the vehicle to our workshop, have all the fuel removed and new fuel put in. You would be responsible to pay for the towing service cost, the mechanical labour and new fuel put in the car.

Should this happen outside workshop working hours and a replacement vehicle is urgently required, we can arrange for an alternative vehicle to be supplied (subject to availability; a delivery and a rental charge will apply whilst the other vehicle is still out of order).

If the client locks the key inside the car, he is to contact our office and a spare key will be delivered at the first possible instance. A delivery charge will apply. Alternatively, the client can make his own way to our main office to collect a spare key. Our company can arrange for a cab service at a discounted rate. Delivery and supply of spare keys may not be possible after office hours in which case the client would have to wait and/or make alternative arrangements until the following day.

If the fault can be attributed to a third party who accepts responsibility for the fault in writing, the client will not be held responsible. However, if there is no third-party accepting responsibility, all damages will be the responsibility of the client or the insurance depending on the case.

Pre-authorisations are usually released automatically by the credit card company after 24 to 30 days.

This insurance removes your responsibility of paying the excess amount to the insurance company in case of damage or accident (usually 350 – 1800 euro). However, the costs incurred by our company to file, follow up and manage such claim is a separate matter.

When we file an insurance claim, our claims manager must contact third party drivers, insurance companies and the repair shop. We must organise to move the vehicle, a vehicle inspection, collection of police reports, filing of the claim etc... In addition, the car would be left idle and at a loss until the claim is filed and completed. 

These costs are not included in our daily rental rates, so the claim administration fee is imposed to help our company recover part of the time and administration work involved in filing such claims.

We cannot commit to offering rates lower than those offered by our brokers since we have no control over the rates, they charge customers. Brokers usually get the lowest rates since they book thousands of rental days annually. They deal in bulk and then set their own selling rate.

What we can tell you is that our company issues special offers on a regular basis on our website and this is the lowest rate we can rent cars at. However, we cannot guarantee that this rate will be lower than that offered by our brokers.

Rental extensions are charged at the going direct rate and this may not be the same rate that your original booking was charged at. If you originally booked online or with a broker, you were probably paying a discounted or special offer rate which is not available on rental extensions.

Airport delivery service is included during regular working hours. The “out of hours fee” is imposed to recover the cost of having the representative stay after hours to process your rental since this entails an additional cost to the company. If you refer to your rental terms and conditions available on your voucher you will find this charge listed.

A credit card is always required when renting a car due to possible unforeseen expenses such as road contraventions, over speeding fines, damage to the vehicle, late returns etc... 

The company needs the credit card information so that it can charge for such eventualities.

Customers can pay in cash. However, any security deposit left in Cash will be transferred to the clients bank account within 30 days after termination of the rental. Clients will be charged a processing fee of €25 to cover bank charges and administration.

We accept VISA and Mastercard. Electron and Maestro cards can only be used when an EPOS is available.

AMEX (American Express) cards are NOT accepted.

Customers may gather unexpected costs during the rental such as speeding fines, parking tickets, unreported damages and late returns. The company must have some security that any such unforeseen expenses can be covered through the customer credit card.

Yes you can leave the security deposit through the debit card. The transaction will be done as a sale. When using a Debit Card there is a €25 fee at the beginning of the rental to cover bank charges and administration costs. The funds are transferred back to the clients account after 30 days from return of the vehicle which is in-line with bank regulations on pre-authorisations.

When a card is pre-authorised, a fixed amount is frozen and blocked on the customer’s credit card account for a period of 24 to 30 days. This is done as a security guarantee in favour of the company. The money will remain in the cardholder’s account but during that time the cardholder cannot use the funds for other purchases. The amount is reserved only for the car hire company and can only be used in the event of unforeseen and post rental charges.

Our company is an internationally recognised and respectable organisation. If we are ever suspected of abusing of customer’s credit cards, we would be risking the loss of our reputation, trading license and credit card facilities putting our business on standstill. The company could also face charges of fraudulent and criminal conduct. We assure you that no amount is worth this risk. If you disagree to any charge made on your credit card, you can always contact your card company and report any charge you disagree with.  The bank will then immediately take action to investigate the nature and legitimacy of any charge made to your card without your consent.

Our company is an internationally recognised organisation. We have been in business in Malta for over 50 years with various offices throughout the island. All the company details are registered with the respective authorities and our activities are regulated by the Transport Malta. We would never risk abusing of our customers credit card information and risk our reputation. The company is renting you a vehicle which costs several thousands which it trusts in your care. It is only fair that it has re-assurance that we are covered against any possible charges such as speeding fines, late returns or damages.

Our insurance company requires that drivers aged between 70-75 years are to present a valid driving license and doctor’s certificate issued in the last six months, stating that the person is fit and safe to drive. If these documents are presented the customer can rent the car but a daily insurance premium will apply over and above standard excess waiver options.

Our insurance company imposes that drivers aged 21 to 24 years, must have a FULL license which has been valid for at last 2 years. Drivers in this age group will be subject to a pay daily insurance premium charge.

This insurance waives the entire excess responsibility off the client so that no excess charge would be payable to the insurance company in case of any claim resulting from accident, damage, fire, vandalism or theft. 
If you buy these packages and have an accident or damage you save the full excess amount of 350-1800 euro depending on the case, however this is subject that all insurance terms and conditions are appropriately observed (eg. reporting accident, filing claim etc...). In addition, certain items and accessories are not covered by the insurance (wheels, tyres, mirrors, car key, stereo etc..).
Nevertheless, in the event of an accident whereby an insurance claim needs to be filed, the client is still responsible to pay a claims administration fee which is basically the cost incurred by the company to handle and manage such insurance claim. The claims administration fee is waived for clients that purchase the Platinum package.